Schreiber’s Hardware Store

13168 Western Avenue

Built in 1879, 1887

Photographs by BIHS Executive Director Kevin Brown


August Schreiber came to Blue Island from Germany in 1851 and opened a tin shop at the northwest corner of James Street and Western Avenue. The business eventually expanded to include a full line of hardware, buggies and farm equipment and operated here for over a century.


Schreiber was instrumental in the founding of the Blue Island Liederkranz, a German singing group and social club that was formed here in the early summer of 1853. The concerts and Saengerfest festivals organized by the group became major social events.


William Schreiber, the son of August and Wilhemina Schreiber, was one of the men who was responsible for the organization of Blue Island’s fire department. William’s brother, Harry, served as superintendent of Public Works.


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