Heber & Laura Rexford House

Burr Oak Avenue

Built in 1840

Photographs by BIHS Executive Director, Kevin Brown


This residence was home to two generations of Blue Island’s founding family, the Rexfords.  Heber S. Rexford, brother of first settler Norman Rexford, settled permanently in Blue Island in 1844, delivering mail for the United States government.  Heber’s son Everett Rexford lived at this address until 1908.  Everett was a Civil War hero, serving as a member of Company A, First Light Artillery from Blue Island.  Everett Rexford located the first large brickyards in Blue Island and secured the right-of-way for the Chicago and Blue Island railroad, later known at the B&O Calumet Terminal.  Everett Rexford served as Village Trustee and as President of the Village Board.

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