Harry & Myrtle Albee House

13018 Maple Ave

Built in 1878

Photographs by BIHS Executive Director Kevin Brown


The Albee House, built in 1878, was the home of Harry and Myrtle Albee. The family occupied the home until 1942. It was in that year that Myrtle Albee offered her home and its contents to the Blue Island Woman’s Club. Even though she was never a member, Myrtle always had an interest in the Club’s activities. The club, orignally called the Current Topics Club, was organized on October 20, 1890. It was in 1925 that the name of the organization was changed to the Blue Island Woman’s Club. This group of women continued their community service and philanthropic activities until 2003. In that year, the Blue Island Woman’s Club members decided to donate the house to the Blue Island Historical Society.


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