Fred Dohrman House

12811 Greenwood Avenue

Built c. 1927


Fred Dohrman was a painting & decorating contractor as well as an officer and 50-year member of the Blue Island Masons. The house was built by Frank X Rauwolf, a prominent local builder who was responsible for constructing the Blue Island Carnegie library in 1904, and the addition to city hall in 1924.


The house is a particularly handsome example of a building type known as the Chicago Bungalow. Thought by many as indigenous to the Chicago region, the bungalow is generally recognized as having its origins in India before its arrival in California in about 1900. Chicago bungalows were typically built in the Arts and Crafts style with quality materials that included brick, stone, plaster, oak woodwork, and art glass windows. Because they were built in large number, the economy of scale made it possible for the average family to purchase its own substantial home for the first time.


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