Dr. Gerhard Seim House

2431 New Street

Built c. 1885


This home was constructed for Dr. Gerhard Seim, an early Blue Island physician. Dr. Seim raised his family here and also practiced medicine from an office in the home.


With its tall, two story octagonal turret, complete with clerestory windows and a towering peaked roof, Dr. Seim’s home and office was one of the most prominent dwellings in Blue Island. Although antique in appearance by today’s standards, the home was thoroughly modern when built, and Dr. Seim was among the first to own a telephone line in Blue Island, at a cost of $300 – nearly $7,000 in today’s money!


Now a private residence, the home has retained its original vintage detailing, including intricately cut spandrel panels separating the second and third stories. Stylistically, the home is very similar to one built by Matthias Helbreg.


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