Dr. Aaron Heimbach House

13020 Greenwood Avenue

Built in 1939

Photographs by BIHS Executive Director Kevin Brown


This home was built for Dr. Aaron Heimbach, a prominent local physician whose family had moved to Blue Island in the late 19th century and sold produce on Western Avenue south of the canal. Dr. Heimbach practiced medicine from offices located in the southwest corner of the home – the house was constructed with an X-Ray room at its center!


This strikingly modern residence is the early work of Bertrand Goldberg, who is best-known as the architect of Marina City in Chicago, and represents one of Goldberg’s few designs in the International Style. As Goldberg developed his own work he became internationally famous as a designer who experimented with the plastic nature of concrete.


Of the few houses Goldberg designed in the 1930s, this home is only one of six confirmed standing. In 2009 homeowners Tom Hawley and Tom Mantel were recognized with the prestigious Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Award from Landmarks Illinois for their efforts to restore the home.


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