The 2021 List

Most recently the home of Babe’s Farmhouse Inn, this local landmark has sat vacant since the restaurant closed in 20xx.

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This sprawling, mostly-vacant complex on a 19-acre site was built between 1917 – 1919 for a canned food and condiment manufacturer.

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Originally constructed by School District 130 in 1900, this George Maher-designed Prairie School building has sat vacant for more than ten years.

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We’re an organization founded on the premise of preserving our local history and heritage, celebrating our city’s unique collection of architecturally significant structures, and using those assets to educate the public. With that in mind, it seems fitting that we should take up the mantle of advocacy for the preservation of our most endangered structures and places in the hopes that these edifices and landmarks can live on for future generations to learn the history and significance of Blue Island.


Starting in 2021, Blue Island Historical Society will release an annual list of those structures or places that are threatened by demolition, advanced stages of deterioration and neglect, obsolete use, or structural instability. Through working with property owners and forging partnerships with local officials and other organizations, the goal of the list is to bolster advocacy efforts to find solutions to save imperiled landmarks.


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